Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Home Insurance is an important fact of life and there are many reasons why the smart home owner will always have an accurate and adequate policy. The savvy business investor knows if they are in the real estate market or just trying to augment their income by renting or buying and selling homes that a home insurance policy cannot be dispensed with.

Bankers never make mistakes.

Financial institutions will not even consider lending money to a potential home buyer if there is not adequate information regarding what type of policy and how much coverage there is on a home. Primary Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is often required when a buyer with little or no money available for a down payment is involved. Even if there is no PMI on a mortgage some financial institutions will still require annual confirmation that the home owner or home owners association (in the case of condominiums) has a policy covering the home or unit involved and that the premiums are paid in full and sufficient enough to cover any losses or damage.

Weather forecasters know the future.

The truth is nobody knows exactly what Mother Nature is going to do. All a person has to do is consider their own knowledge of how many times they have gone to bed in the evening with a clear and cool sky overhead only to awaken the next morning snowed in and powerless. When the water pipes begin to freeze and burst through the ceiling the smart home owner is glad that they have a home insurance policy.

You can’t choose your neighbors.

What does being a good neighbor mean in our modern world? Perhaps being a good neighbor means picking up your neighbors trash can when it has blown down the street. Unfortunately there is no class or formal requirement for what a person can expect of their neighbor.
Having a home insurance policy in place is a relief when your neighbors barbecue flairs up and sends red hot cinders into the air and on to your roof. After the fire department has left and you have determined everyone is safe the next step is to find a temporary place to live until your home is repaired. A home insurance policy that provides an emergency housing payout will be a welcome relief in a time of great

stress for you and your family.

Peace of mind is what owning a home is all about and nothing can provide a person more peace of mind when it comes to such a major investment than a small investment in an excellent policy that is going to be there when you need it most.

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