How to Find Reliable Travel Insurance Agency?

Are you planning for an exciting trip in the mountains of Hawaii or thinking of visiting the beautiful cities in Europe? Maybe you can enjoy the tropical climate in one of world best resorts in Jamaica. Whatever your reason for traveling, insurance is one area that is frequently overlooked.  Many people do not pay attention on travel insurance because they believe that nothing bad will happen and disregard the threats while on travel. However, excuses will no longer help if you are thousand miles away from your home and you are having medical emergency or your baggage was lost.

It is a fact that thousands or even millions of medical emergency cases are happening every year from all over the world.  With international terrorism and natural disasters, these numbers are expected to increase significantly. That is why it is highly recommended that all travelers should have travel insurance every time they leave their homes.  For instance, hundreds of Americans are being hospitalized every year, not to mention those that were medically evacuated.  The costs for hospitalization, emergency evacuation as well as flying back home the deceased relatives may require a lot of money. This can lead to bankruptcy of the traveler and his family.

Many people only purchase insurance from travel agencies if they will do high risk activities such as bungee jumping or water rafting. In reality, individuals needs help every day because of many unpredictable events such as suspected appendicitis or road accidents. These are big problems especially if these events occur in isolated areas where facilities are difficult to reach.

How to Find Reliable Travel Insurance Agency?

If you type in Google search the word “Travel Insurance Agencies”, you will get thousands of results. This can be quite challenging for you to choose which travel agency you will entrust your protection.  By nature, insurance is considered as a gamble because there are times that you need it, there are also times that you don’t.  However, choosing your agency to purchase your travel insurance should not be a gamble.  Just like with any kinds of business, different travel insurance agencies also have reputations.  There are several tips on how you can find a reliable and reputable agency that will help you with your needs.

Recognition from Authorized Organizations

Feedbacks or testimonials given by different individuals on the travel agency’s website can look credible.  However, there is a possibility that these are forged.  Fortunately, there is something that cannot be forced by anyone and this is the travel insurance agencies rating from BBB or Better Business Bureau.  The BBB website can provide you information if there are any reported complaints against a particular travel agency and if these complaints were resolved.  There are other organizations where you can check these agencies and they are the U.S Travel Association and the A. M. Best. The U.S. Travel Association is an association of travel insurance agencies which plays a huge role in educating the consumers. While A.M. Best provides details about the financial ability of agencies to payout the claims. Reputable providers and agencies are those that are listed in U.S. Travel Association.

Free-Look  Period

This is known as money-back-guarantee on the insurance policy.  Once you procured your insurance, the agency will give you some time usually 10-15 days before your travel starts to evaluate the contract terms.  This is to ensure that you fully understand the coverage of your policy.  If ever you decided to withdraw the policy and ask for refund within free-look period, the agency may charge you around $5-$10 for the processing fee.

Utilize a Comparison Website

Comparison websites for travel insurance agencies allow you to save time.  They also help in narrowing down your choices of travel agency and in finding the best travel insurance.  These websites are committed to provide you different options in just one sitting.  In general, you will be asked to enter some information such as age, destination, travel dates and travel cost to start comparing quotes.

Important Things that you should Remember

When you finally have your travel insurance, make sure that you thoroughly read the contract terms. If you have idea on the things that you need to do in any case of emergency, this can make a big difference if your claim is valid or not.  Many travel agencies will not pay you if you failed to inform them before you receive medical treatment or performed operations.  Same thing applies if you do not have police report during the 24 hours period if something was taken from you.  These are important details that you need to know because it is never enough that you have insurance policy. You should also know how insurance works.

You must enjoy your trip now that you have insurance that covers everything that you possibly need. However, never assume that you are invincible or can take unnecessary risks since you have travel insurance with you.  Always be careful because any accidents which are caused by drug or alcohol abuse will invalidate your insurance claim completely.  Drug and alcohol abuse in unfamiliar country is normally a bad idea because you are not aware of the local threats. You are also more susceptible to attack as well as to penalties which can be higher compared to your home town.

Another thing to take note is that the moment you board on that particular flight, you already lost your chance of purchasing travel insurance. Most travel insurance agencies will not provide coverage when you purchase your insurance after you left.  Although there are some travel agencies that will cover you on this situation, these agencies are very hard to find.

Most importantly, never forget the details of your insurance wherever you are or else they are unusable.  As much as possible, make sure that you have photocopies left at home in any event that your original copy gets stolen.

Final Word

Travel insurance is very important especially if you will travel overseas because it can work as your life saver.  Never underestimate what the insurance can actually do for you during emergency. Therefore, you must purchase your best travel insurance only from reputable agency.

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