Reduce Risks Nearing Your Retirement

You have probably heard the famous quote by billionaire Warren Buffet, ‘You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.’ While this may be applied to any aspect of your life, we’d like to apply it to finances. And especially finances related to retirement planning. Most people have shown to start saving for their twilight years at the age of 40. Before that, there is just too much going on in life to bother about what will happen when you cease working. But a few right moves and some painstaking efforts and you will be grateful you followed Buffet’s advice when you say farewell to the office cubicle. Save, save, save, from the instant you get your first paycheck. Now that usually proves to be next to impossible, but it’s never too late to begin.

That’s not all, though. The rate at which the economy is going, inflation will eat up on those hard-earned savings in no time. The UK government realizes that too. Death and taxes may be certain, but the government will relieve you of some taxes if it knows you’re doing the right thing. And the right thing is to find out about the pension schemes available, state and personal, and then choose best pension plan that suits your.

By the end of this year, under the National Employment Savings Trust, all employers in the UK will be required to enroll their employees in a pension plan, to which they will also contribute. While this gives workers a head start on their retirement plan, it may not be enough to live comfortably in your later years. A personal pension plan would be able to give you the pay-out you need to meet your needs. Remember that pension plans vary. The best pension plan for one person may not be suitable for you. Think about how much effort you are willing to spend on your pension plan. Will you have the time and energy to diversify your portfolio yourself, watch out for the stock market, and move your investments around to get the best yield? Or would you rather just let your pension provider do the work?

Investing in stocks and shares are great way to build your pension pot. And with a self-invested personal pension, you able to choose your investments yourself, thus giving you greater control over where your money is going. However, there is always a risk to investing all your money in stocks, especially if you are nearing the legal retirement age of 65. A market crash typically recovers in 5 or so years. This means if you are between 40 and 45, there is still time for the stock values to crawl back up.

But if you are 65, there’s trouble ahead for you. The best advice would be to manage your pension plan in such a way that you are confronted with less risk as the years go by. Gradually pull your investments out of stocks and put them in bonds or cash. If this seems like too much work for you and you do not know the ABC’s of investing, there’s an option that may be the answer. In a target date fund, you will set a target year for your retirement and let your fund manager do the rest.

The fund manager will slowly start investing your money into vehicles that are less risky in the run-up to the target year. The good news is that the government’s new NEST scheme will be offering a target date fund. Find out about the Best Pension plan for you and the options you have with the help of an independent financial adviser. Remember, drawing on Buffet’s words, you just have to do a few things right, avoid mistakes, and you’ll be on the path to a secure and satisfied retired life.
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