The importance of East African Submarine Cable System for Somalia

In thee past most African countries’ telecommunication carriers heavily relied on radio and satellite system to carry the bulk of their international traffic.

Most of internet traffic between African countries goes through Europe and The US, this means if user in one African country calls internet data in another African country, the request first goes to Europe or the US and the requested data is then routed back to the user in the first country who made the request. This make the communication very expensive.

With the implementation of EASSY African countries including Somalia will have fast network that will facilitate transmission of voice, data of various bandwidths, Internet and television signals. The fiber optic network extends from Mtunzini (South Africa) northward through the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea to Port Sudan. So advantage of having this fast network means a lot to the people of east Africa including Somalia, it reduces internet service cost and creates job opportunities for local people in the countries involved including Somalia.

Who are the major players for this project?

The EASSY project is funded by World Bank and twenty eight well established regional telecommunication companies, among those is Dalkom,an Integrated telecommunication Solutions provider based in Mogadishu and Nairobi.

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